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FRUDIA-Re:proust Essential Body Lotion 200 ml

FRUDIA-Re:proust Essential Body Lotion 200 ml

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Sooth and Nourish your skin

Pamper your skin with this Vegan body lotion infused with rich and soothing plant based oils, including 100% pure cold-pressed moringa oil

Nutrients, right where you need them

Frudia reproust body lotion contains Cerasome, which delivers Ceramide, a major ingredient that boosts skin recovery deep into the skin

Strengthens the skin barrier

Ceramide also restores damaged skin barrier while providing intense nourishment and moisture

Tamanu and Moringa oil

Tamanu oil is an excellent oil for soothing the skin. Moringa oil is known for nourishment and moisturization

Relaxing, great for sleep

The naturally derived essential oils will help you in relaxing your mind and will give you a better night sleep specially if you apply from the lotion after your shower at night


Free of artificial fragrances

Re:proust at its best

France Eve Vegan Certified

EVE Vegan® is an independent certification mark dedicated to assessing the conformity of vegan products and services

Its expertise is recognized throughout the world, being considered one of the most complete and reliable in the market