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Jourenwi™️ ADULTS Electric Bamboo Toothbrush | with gift

Jourenwi™️ ADULTS Electric Bamboo Toothbrush | with gift

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  • 2 minutes Timer
  • 30 seconds interval pause
  • 5 double efficiency modes
  • Eco Packaging
  • 100% Bamboo Heads
  • Waterproof
  • Built in Battery
  • Quiet Vibrations
  • Aesthetic
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Smile, you are guaranteed!

Jour E Nwi offers you a one month guarantee with your purchase as we are always working on our customer service and your satisfaction is our number one priority

Why switch to our Jour è Nwi Electric Brush

Sonic Technology

Attacks plaque 100x more vigorously than a manual toothbrush 🦷

Deep Cleaning

Top-of-the-line, nano bristles-bristles that are smaller in diameter than traditional ones- hit hard to reach places and remain gentle on the gum line

5 Double Efficiency Modes

5 double efficiency modes that fit your daily needs : Whitening, polish , gum care, sensitive and cleaning


The electric toothbrush vibrations, sonic technology, nano bristles and super powerful battery contribute in a superior deep cleansing and rinsing of various accumulated stains, plaque and bacteria, thus whitening your teeth with consistent use

Brushing Time Control

You will never brush less than the recommended duration anymore since you have a 2 minutes timer and a 30 seconds interval pause to remind you to switch between all four areas of your mouth

Inside your happiness box, you will get:

An electric handle

Hygienic base

Three 100% bamboo heads

Usb charger on the go

User manual

Reference card

Still thinking about it?

Well you should know that our electric toothbrush delivers up to 37,000 brush strokes per minute, compared to the regular brush which delivers 300 strokes per minute at its best

Body and Base Material

Electric toothbrushes have endless electric vibration waves!

Tens of thousands of vibrations can crack the bamboo handle, which can easily cause electric or water leakage

The current technology in the world cannot solve it. After repeated tests, we
finally decided to use a high imitation bamboo wood grain plastic handle, but
the brush heads are made of 100 % natural bamboo

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Get a FREE Charcoal Whitening Powder with each electric brush box purchase

  • 100% NATURAL
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