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NATURE REPUBLIC - Argan Essential Moist Hair Mist 220 Ml

NATURE REPUBLIC - Argan Essential Moist Hair Mist 220 Ml

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  • Instant Moisture
  • Shiny Hair
  • Abundant Nutrition
  • Argan Oil
  • Smooth Coating
  • Silky Hair
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Argan Oil, the Nut of God

The argan tree is know as the Tree of Life in Morocco and is known to provide abundant nutrition to severely damaged hair

Argan Vs Olive Oil

Argan oil contains large amounts of tocopherol or vitamin E (about 700 mg/kg),almost 3 times more than olive oil, making it a better treatment for your hair

Silky + Glossy hair

Nature republic hair mist will give your hair the glow it needs all day long and will provide nourishment and deep care at the same time

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is rich in vitamins like B6 and Biotin, which promote hair growth and overall scalp health

It also contains essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron that support hair follicles and antioxidants

Smells Amazing

Nourishing hair mist that provides ample moisture and nutrients to make your hair soft, silky, lustrous and revitalized with a provocative aroma all day

Can be used on both dry and wet hair anytime!

Shake well before use

Spray evenly 10 to 15cm awayΒ  from dry or wet hair

Use whenever needed to freshen up your hair