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FRUDIA- Velvet Fit Blurring Sun Primer 40g

FRUDIA- Velvet Fit Blurring Sun Primer 40g

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Reef Friendly

Frudia sunscreen is *Reef Friendly* certified meaning that it does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, two common UV-blocking chemicals, that studies have shown can cause coral bleaching

UV Protection (50 +SPF / PA++++)

Our soft and silky formula effectively evens out texture irregularities while providing protection from UV rays

Wrinkle Care

Outstanding ability of pore cover primer that makes your skin smooth by filling uneven bumps such as scars, pores, fine wrinkles, etc

Skin irritation test completed

Frudia Velvet fit sun primer was evaluated as hypoallergenic with a skin irritation index of 0.00

Triple Hyaluronic Acid

Dramatically increases hydration, improves water retention and moisture level

Pore covering

Smoothly covers enlarged and prominent pores

Suitable for rosacea, acne-prone and sensitive skin

Eve Vegan Certified

EVE Veganยฎย is an independent certification mark dedicated to assessing the conformity of vegan products and services

Its expertise is recognized throughout the world, being considered one of the most complete and reliable in the market

Direction of use

Frudia sunscreen should be applied in the morning after your skin care routine

Apply around 1โ„4 teaspoon on your face, the front of your neck, your ears and the little space behind your ears in front of your hairline

The sun primer pocket size allows you to keep it with you all day and it is recommended to renew around afternoon specially if you are exposed to the sun