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Adult Bamboo Brushes (4 Units)

Adult Bamboo Brushes (4 Units)

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  • 4 Units Individually Sealed
  • High Elasticity
  • Bpa Free
  • Charcoal Infused
  • Whitening Power
  • Extra-soft bristles
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Four Brushes to fall in love with

Take me with you on your escape weekends, travels or whenever you want to feel clean!

Superior Softness + Antibacterial

This 4-pack of Adult Bamboo brushes offers superior bristle softness while still delivering powerful whitening and antibacterial properties

Real bamboo

Our BPA-FREE brushes are made with ecological 100% bamboo, offering the perfect balance between eco-friendly materials and safe hygiene!

Your Weekend + Travel Partner

Brushes come in four colors : Black, mint, brown and blue 

Perfect for travelling, weekends, personal use or guest bathroom use

Bristles for Everyone, no pain, no bleeding

Extra Soft Bristles

Bristles are not only BPA free, but are also soft on your teeth and gums.  The nature of the bristles allows deep cleaning because they can reach places regular toothbrush’ bristles are incapable of


Bamboo handles’ ergonomic design offers comfort while brushing your teeth

Sustainable and Green

The brushes are more efficient than the regular plastic brushes in cleaning teeth, while protecting the environment