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Bamboo Replacement Heads

Bamboo Replacement Heads

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  • 3 Units
  • Remove up to 10X more plaque
  • Improve Gum Health
  • Reduces Gum Bleeding by 3 X

Our Replacement Heads and Electric Toothbrush were made for each other. Literally!

Working along our brush’s powerful motor, our brush heads - replaced every 3 to 5  months - give a superior deep cleaning feel and have high elasticity which makes them last longer that regular bristles 

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Eco Friendly Replacement Heads

Our Replacement Heads are 100% bamboo, usually bought as a pack of three, and can last up to one year, each head for 3 to 5 months depending on the frequency of usage

Bamboo Brushes

Replacement Heads Variants

Our bamboo heads come in three colors for you to choose from. Each head can be paired with a specific mode from the electric handle


Each bamboo head is hygienically sealed for added sanitary purposes

Clinically Proven Data

Clinically proven to clean 10X more than manual brush heads and to reduce gum bleeding by 3X times

Super Soft Bristles

Tapered multi-length charcoal-black bristles to remove plaque without damaging your gums!

Interdental Cut

That’s just a fancy way of saying our brush heads are perfect for cleaning in between teeth, around grooves, and other hard-to-reach places. Interdental for the win!